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Hi Virginia TSA! Is anticipation building? Feeling those pre-Regionals jitters? We’re just
a couple weeks away from our anticipated regional competition and the State Team is
armed with strategies for success and insightful ideas so you can perform your best!

1. Officer Applications: Officer Applications are due on FEBRUARY 9th. If you’re
interested in becoming a regional officer, please email the state advisor, Mr. Scott
at for the application. This is a fantastic opportunity to gain
leadership experience in TSA.
2. Attention to Theme: It’s important to incorporate the theme for the 2023-2024
year into your competitive event. You can find the themes on This is a great way
to earn points and increase your chances of success.
3. Check in with your advisor: If you’re participating in a build event or need to
have Plan-of-Work logs approved by your advisor, please connect with them to
schedule practice times or sign your forms at least a week before your Regional
4. Preparing Required Materials: If you have an onsite or dropoff event, please
read the event guides for your event ahead of time and become familiar with any
items or documentation you need to bring! For example, Prepared Presentation or
CAD Architecture may require a thumb drive, or you may need a cover portfolio
to add documentation. Reach out to your school chapter about accessing event
guides if you haven’t already.
5. Uniforms: If this is your first year in TSA, make sure you get your TSA Official
Attire for competition, as it is worth points! It is recommended to have the official
blue TSA shirt, gray slacks/skirt, and black dress shoes. If you aren’t able to get
the official attire, a white-button down shirt and khakis/slacks is fine too. Visit the
competition shop to purchase your uniform ahead of regionals.
Good luck for regionals! We know you’ve got this.

Respectfully Submitted,
Megan Sawant
Virginia TSA Reporter 2023-2024