Virginia Association of the Technology Student Association

Picture of Ben Puckett
Ben Puckett

Southwest Region President

Southwest Region Holds Fall Rally

The Southwestern Region held its annual Fall Rally on Saturday, August 27, 2022 at the Washington County Career and Technical Center. It featured a Greek and Roman Empire theme. We began the afternoon with various icebreaker activities to introduce the region council to the membership and heard from our special guest, State Advisor, Mr. BJ Scott. We then broke into teams to compete in a chariot race, javelin throw, Greek and Roman jeopardy game, and clay modeling contest. Winners were met with a hefty serving of assorted candies. Members then attended 4 different sessions showcasing some different TSA events including Debating Technological Issues, Extemporaneous Speech, Community Service Video, Promotional Marketing, and Structural Engineering. We adjourned looking forward to regional competition and the Spring Fair!

Respectfully Submitted,

Ben Puckett

Southwestern Region President